Microsoft Word Templates

These free file downloads provide Microsoft Word templates for the preliminary pages of your book – title page, copyrights, dedication, contents etc.

It’s fairly straightforward to continue from there, creating chapter headings, page numbering and other elements for the main body of your book. If you get stuck, there are many tutorials available on YouTube and other media channels.

That said, should you need any assistance in preparing your book for printing, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. With many years’ experience in design and book printing, we can help you ensure you get the high-quality, professional finished product you rightly expect!

B Format 129x198mm

Microsoft Word Template for B Format books.


A5 148x210mm

Microsoft Word Template for A5 books.


Royal Format 156x234mm

Microsoft Word Template for Royal Format books.


Crown Quarto 189x246mm

Microsoft Word Template for Crown Quarto books.


Square Format 210x210mm

Microsoft Word Template for 210mm Square Format books.


A4 210x297mm

Microsoft Word Template for A4 books.